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Rain and Spray Lab

1.Devices meeting American UL standards shall be used for enclosure raining testing, water spray testing device for NEMA type3,3R、3S electric devices.

2.Max. height for product measurement is 2.5m.

Rain Test RT-28125IEC Internal Structure

Islet Tester ACLT-48500;

Programmable communication chroma 61512+A615103

1.Grid simulation power supply that can simulate low-voltage grid voltage, frequency and phase angle of every country, which is applicable for simulating grid abnormal conditions to verify the protection performance for on-grid generating devices in grid abnormal condition.

2.Adjustable Range for Phase Voltage: 0~150V/0~330V

3.Adjustable Range for Frequency: 15Hz~1.5 kHz

4.Adjustable Range for Phase Angle: 0~360°

Islet Tester ACLT-2430H

Large-power AC Power Supply Made by BYD

Large-power DC Power Supply Made by BYD

Walk-in High and Low Temperature Testing Chamber

Tester for measuring partial discharge KPD2050

Leakage Current Tester TOS3200

Earth-continuity Tester TOS6210

AC/DC Withstand Voltage/Insulation Resistance Tester TOS9201