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Most of the areas are remote ones or areas cannot be provided electricity. The quality requirements to electricity provided in this kind of project is not very high. The system mainly solves the problem of replacing the original diesel generators to realize the functions of energy conservation and emission reduction.

Project Name: Tibet Micro-grid Project

System Specification: 600W/1000Wh

Completion Time: 2009

Project Name: Gan Island Micro-grid System

Main Equipment: Photovoltaic Inverter: 50 pieces of 20kW Bi-directional Converter: 6 pieces of 50kW Fe Battery Energy Storage System: 100kWh Micro-grid Monitoring System:1 piece

Project Name: Longyuan Tibet Ngari Micro-grid Project

System Specification: 2MW/5.28MWh

Estimated Time of Completion: Oct. 2013