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The basic function is to provide the power supply. As the load has been connected to the grid, the micro-grid system is a new energy concept to satisfy the independent operation demands for the customers. The function requirements to micro-grid with load are relatively high, and so are to switch quality of on-grid and off-grid, but to flow control of micro-grid and network control are not very high.

Project Name:2MW/4MWh Energy Storage System for Micro-grid application

Capacity: 2MW/4MWh

Finish Time: Sep., 2011

Nominal Output Power:100kW、Solar Power Capacity:200KW、Energy Storage Capacity:80kWh

Diesel Generator: 100KW

Voltage Grade: 0.4kV (AC50Hz)

BYD Micro-grid Future Village Demonstration Project

The main energy is wind power and solar energy with the grid as the energy back-up.

Project Name: Chevron Qatar 250kW/500kWh Container Energy Storage Station

Application Capacity:250kW/500kWh

Finish Time: Oct. 2012

Project Name: Agricultural Greenhouse System of Jiangsu Ikon Group

Project Location: Zhang Jiagang, Jiangsu