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DESS shall convert the electricity generated by photovoltaic batteries and then storage it to energy storage batteries and also shall converter it to AC to feed the grid or provide to users. During this process, in addition to clean and green electricity got, users shall sell the excess electricity to the grid; when the grid is black out, DESS shall independently provide stable electricity to users; when the grid does not allow the electricity feedback, DESS shall realize the balance of use and generation of electricity in the system, that is to guarantee the less use of grid electricity, and also guarantee the system operates in according to the grid demands.

Distributed Type DESS

Distributed Energy Storage System, that means converter cabinet (optional photovoltaic charger mounted or not), energy storage batteries and BMS cabinet make the corresponding combination of DESS with different capacity, power and functions.

Integrated Type DESS

Integrated DESS is a distributed energy storage system that integrates energy conversion system (PCS), energy batteries and BMS, photovoltaic charger with little-volume and compact-structure.