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product Summarize
In order to meet Energy storage market requirement, BYD successfully developed modularized PCS (Power Conversion System) which use the most advanced three-level inverter technology and modular structure design. It is mainly used for energy conversion, power- and frequency regulating function and with high conversion efficiency, low output harmonic containing rate, big permissible working environment temperature range. The compact design of PCS also makes maintenance easier, humanized touch screen operation interface helps operation in site and querying information more convenient. Remote monitoring system can be used to inspect and modify the system settings with fast the maintenance response.
Performance Characteristics
  1. Wide DC input voltage range, the highest voltage is up to 1000V
  2. Maximum efficiency is as high as 98.7%
  3. Small current harmonic
  4. Thin film capacitor design improve the service life of the system
  5. Modular design, easy to maintenance
  6. Warranty (Australian market): 5 years
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