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product Summarize
20KW/40KWh Energy Storage Cabinet adopts steel 42U standard cabinet (the bottom surface is 600mm×1200mm)as the body, consists of 38KW on-grid PCS modules, 20KW PV charger module and 40KWh lithium iron phosphate battery modules with high performance and high safety, applicable to the occasions of energy storage, power regulation and frequency modulation; Many machines can be in parallel to realize capacity expansion; it can form into micro-grid system with other generating equipment, coordinate and match the output power of each generating device according to the load demand.
Performance Characteristics
  1. Modular design, easy and convenient for installation and maintenance;
  2. On-grid and off-grid operation, multiple machines that combined to expand capacity are supported.
  3. Micro-grid control function can be as the micro-grid center to coordinate and match PV charger, PCS and other generating equipment connected according to the load demand;
  4. Lithium iron phosphate batteries with high performance and high safety;
  5. Battery system protection functions such as on-line equilibrium BMS, over-voltage and under-voltage, over-temperature and under-temperature, over-current and etc;
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