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Project Name: Chevron Qatar 250kW/500kWh Container Energy Storage Station

System Specification: 250kW/500kWh

Voltage Grade: 415V (AC50Hz)

Construction Location: Qatar Science and Technology Park

Completion Time: Oct. 2012

Project Significance:

The local site is mounted with 250kW photovoltaic system, and planned to establish a station

to place solar power testing equipment and operation equipment which are connected to the local

grid; Before the station is constructed, the energy storage system will be in off-grid state

to be the voltage power supply to serve the current system , during this period, there is no grid

connection, one small generator and one load shall be mounted to prevent the battery energy storage

system from being shut down during over-charging and under-charging; The container energy storage

system is mainly used to realize energy storage, meet the allocation demand of customers’micro-grid,

and this system has the ability of on-off grid operation and black start.