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It has the functions of peak shaving, electric power frequency modulation, quality control for grid power, micro-grid and smart grid.

Project Name: 3MW/12MWh Energy Storage Station for Peak shaving application

Capacity: 3MW/12MWh

Finished Time: Sep.2011

Battery system,battery management system,conversion system,illumination, fire control,ground connection and other systems are placed together in the container with many advantages such as little volume.

Project Name: BYD 20MW/40MWh Energy Storage Station

Capacity: 20MW/40MWh

Finish Time: MAY. 2014

Project Name: Agricultu

ral Greenhouse System of Jiangsu Ikon Group

Project Location: Zhang Jiagang, Jiangsu

Project Name: ENEL15kW/11.5kWh Energy Storage System

Construction Location: Pisa (Italy)

Completion Time: Apr. 2010

Movable Power Supply System is a portable power supply system that integrating many function modes, which can be placed indoors or in vehicles, according to different use patterns to choose solar energy charging,vehicle charging and grid charging.