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Project Name:RES Ohio 2MWh( 4MW For 30 Minutes )Project

System Specification: 4MW/2MWh

Voltage Grade: 480V

Construction Time: April, 2013

Location: Ohio, US

Background of Design:

The 4MW/2MWh energy storage system is the first phase of an energy storage project located in Ohio, being used for frequency regulation, 15 to 30 minutes storage, being connected with the grid directly. The battery of this 4MW energy storage system is required to provide a minimum reserve time of 15 minutes at a full 4MW for 9 years following a frequency regulation signal. After 9 years, the battery degradation should be remained at a minimum 15 minutes of 4MW reserve, comparing to the initial achievement by 30 minutes. And the battery life will be 9 years or more when system follows the fast regulation signal.