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BYD won the tender for a supply for Terna

In July 2013 BYD won the tender for the supply of lithium based electrochemical storage systems to the Italian Transmission System Operator, Terna. BYD and its Italian system integrator partner, SAET Padova S.p.A., ranked first out a list of 5 major international competitors.

The award –which will allow BYD to install a 1MW/1MWh system, with a second 1MW/1MWh in option –is part of Terna’s 2012 Defense Plan, which states the need to install power-intensive energy storage systems in order to provide essential services (Frequency and Voltage Regulation, Power Quality, RES management, etc) in support of Italy’s main islands’ transmission grids, which have recently been burdened by an unprecedented growth of RES installations. Terna’s lithium-battery tender specifically requested systems that could provide very fast frequency regulation, high power to energy ratios and AC roundtrip efficiencies of at least 85%.

For the first project, which is to be installed within one of the company’s primary substations in Codrongianos (Sardinia), BYD will provide one container equipped with 1MWh of batteries. The installationwill begin in Spring 2014 and the final commissioning of the whole plant is scheduled to be done around the end of the following summer.

About BYD

BYD Company Ltd. is one of China’s largest companies to havesuccessfully expanded globally.Specializing in battery technologies, their green mission to “solve the whole problem” has made them industry pioneers and leaders inseveral High-techsectors includingHigh-efficiencyAutomobiles,ElectrifiedPublic Transportation,Environmentally-FriendlyEnergy Storage,AffordableSolar Powerand Information Technologyand Original Design Manufacturing (ODM) services.

Asthe world’s largest manufacturer of rechargeable batteries, their mission to create safer and more environmentally friendly battery technologies has ledto the development of theBYDIron Phosphate (or "Fe").

BYD 1MW/1MWh Energy Storage Systems