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Brief Introduction of Electrical Cabinet Assembly Shop of Production Department As the development of BYD New-energy Industry, Electrical Cabinet Assembly Shop of EPRI Production Department is planned to be positioned in No.53 Plant of BYD Factory I Phase II with the area of about 29,000m2(not including container production area), and production assembly section, debugging section, new-energy testing center and other sections are established. The production capacity of cabinets is 400 pieces per month. Debugging section has 4 stations for 100KW electrical cabinets, 5 stations for 200KW electrical cabinets, 5 stations for 500KW electrical cabinets, 4 for 500KW converter with batteries. The mainly testing equipment are large-power adjustable DC power supply, programmable AC power supply, RLC load, cooling machines, power analyzer, oscilloscopes with high precision, multi-channel temperature recorder and etc. Functional performance testing capability can be provided to electrical cabinets, such as charging-discharging tests, efficiencytest, over-voltage and under-voltage protection tests, over-frequency and under-frequency protection tests, islet tests, low-voltage resistance capability test, noise test, power quality test, temperature rise aging tests.