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Container Energy Storage System Officially Settled Down in Charlotte, North Carolina of Southeastern USA in Nov. 2012.

500kW PV Inverter Having Passed LVRT Global Functional Test at once in National Energy Solar Power Generation R&D (Lab) of State Grid EPRI in Sep. 2012

Winning the Bidding of Guangdong Nuclear Power Project in Aug. 2012, Second Generation of Energy Storage Technology Assisting Nuclear Station Security Upgrade

MW-level Battery Energy Storage Station China Accepted and Checked by Southern Power Grid Successfully in Dec. 2011

The First Container Energy Storage System Being Shipped to California, USA in Aug. 2011

Obtaining the Approval of 10MW Energy Storage Station Demonstration Project in BYD Changsha, in Jul. 2011

Winning the Bidding of National Demonstration Project (Phase I) (6MW×6h)for Transmission and Distribution of Wind, Photovoltaic and Energy Storage of North China Power Grid Co., Ltd. in May 2011

1MW PV Generation Station Project Obtaining 10,000,000 RMB Subsidy of National Golden Sun Demonstration Project

The First Overseas Energy Storage Project Officially Settled Down in EPRI in Mar. 2011

PV Inverters Sweeping through Authority Certifications of UL, VDE, TUV, CEC and others in Jan. 2011

Having Completed the Construction of 1MW PV Station in Pingshan in Oct. 2010

Winning the Bidding of China Southern Power Grid 3MW Battery Energy Storage Station Purchase Project as the First Bidder in Aug. 2010

BYD and China Southern Power Grid successfully signed a contact about 3MW commercial energy storage station project on 27th, Sep. 2010. It is the first commercial iron battery MW-level energy storage station in the world, showing that BYD having realized the new breakthrough in the global energy storage technical problem. Meanwhile, BYD is the only one enterprise that providing complete solutions for the energy storage station.

Completing Pingshan 1MW Energy Storage Station Acceptance and Check in Jul. 2009

BYD 200kW Moveable Energy Storage Demonstration Station Acceptance and Check Completed in Jun. 2009

BYD Electric Power Research Institute Established in Dec. 2008